I believe in a Maryland where we invest in the public education, college, and professional development programs of our children, adults, and members of our military and their families. I see a community where we are focused on Marylanders of all ages enjoying and improving on their education and skill-sets that our evolving society and jobs require.

I envision a Maryland where we fight against the political establishment that wants to continue to provide to the few and burden the many. I see us rising up to ensure equal opportunities for all regardless of one's financial and social status.

I see a Maryland where we can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and benefit from clean energy. The environmental and economic benefits are crucial to creating a better and safer society. Investing in science, technology, and education are the environmental and economic engines we crave. 

The Maryland I believe in is not a figment of our imagination--it is well within reach. The future we hope to have--the future we hope our children to have--is within our sights. This is why I am asking you to place your vote with me during this election cycle.

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